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Sanganai/Hlanganani Expo preps gather momentum

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By Nyasha Mutena

Preparations for hosting the 14th edition of Sanganai/Hlanganani – World Travel Expo have reached an advanced stage. The virtual exhibition will run from 27 – 29 October 2021.

Speaking on the sidelines of this strategic expo, Godfrey ‘Chief’ Koti’, who is
Head Corporate Affairs for the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority announced that registration already commenced on the 15th of October which has since witnessed registration of over 100 exhibitors and over 60 buyers.

Sanganai/Hlanganani- World Tourism Expo is a signature platform for tourism players which avails stakeholders a business networking platform to engage with international and regional source markets.

Chief Koti said this year’s edition will be hosted virtually over 3 days, making it possible for industry professionals and international travel buyers to interact despite the physical barriers. He added that even though the expo is a virtual kind, it was developed to match current world class and highest technological standards.

“The virtual platform which was developed in-house has since been enhanced to include an ‘on-demand’ meeting requests platform, Live HD video conferencing, Virtual auditorium for interactive and topical webinar sessions and 3D virtual exhibitor booths. It was prudent to enhance features of the platform so as to remain competitive and to keep abreast with international virtual platforms and standards,” said Chief Koti.

“The platform has become more user friendly, participants can now schedule meetings using their respective time zones,” he added.

This year’s edition allows participants to have live, one on one meetings with fellow exhibitors and international buyers all around the clock.

Meanwhile, Chief Koti mentioned that the platform provides participants with flexibility to log onto the meeting site from anywhere in the world.

Of particular importance is the fact that participants can keep track of meetings they have conducted through recording for easier reference. Chief Koti highlighted that participants can also access information of visitors to their virtual booths/stands.

To mention another fundamental aspect, Chief Koti said participants can pre-book meetings on the platform at convenient times for both attendees.