President Mnangagwa launches the National Biotechnology strategy Plan

HE President Emmerson Mnangagwa


By Shadreck Gurenje

President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched the National Biotechnology strategic plan a move that will transform the lives of Zimbabweans in areas such as food security,health and industrial products.
The launch also coincides with the availing of a locally produced syrup, COFSOL by local scientific and innovative minds through the nation’s natural resources.

Giving his keynote address during the official launch of the National Biotechnology strategic plan , President Mnangagwa said the milestone achievement is aligned to the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS -1)and talks to the aspirations and goals of the Second Republic.

“My government recognises the role of bio-technology in transforming the lives and livelihood of our people through the production of food,medical drugs and industrial, products,among others.The Sector will, therefore continue to receive support from my government with outputs transcending the socio-economic spectrum.

“I applaud the institution for coming up with the National Biotechnology Strategy,which is aligned to the National Development Strategy 1 and talks to the aspirations and goals of the Second Republic.The implementation of the Strategy by a re-invigorated National Biotechnology Authority should give impetus to unlocking the full potential of biotechnology and ensure that Zimbabwe fully embraces the gains associated with the industry.”said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa also said given the health promoting properties of indigenous plants the National Biotechnology Authority, other higher learning centers and the private sector complemented by our local skilled human capital should use their scientific knowledge and innovation for further research and development in traditional medicines.

The launch of the National Biotechnology Strategy is yet another milestone achievement towards the realization of the fruits of Education 5.0 policy introduced by President Mnangagwa under the Second Republic.

President Mnangagwa also challenge the pharmaceutical sector to take advantage of the development and invest in the manufacturing of their own drugs and medicines.

“This development is evidence of the potential of the heritage based education 5.0 policy.Riding on the successes scored to date, it is imperative that the pharmaceutical sector shift it’s paradigm from being mere wholesalers and retailers of drugs produced in other jurisdictions.
The time has come for the sector to vigorously pursue and invest in the manufacturing of our own drugs and medicines,”said President Mnangagwa.