Youth and Women

Katswe Sisterhood’s Pachoto band releases charged album

Pachoto band entertains masses during their album launch

By Nyasha Mutena

Women rights and community champions, Katswe Sisterhood’s music group, Pachoto has released an inspirational album which unveils challenges faced by women and young girls daily.

The 6-track album titled “Tadambura ngetani” is a culmination of daily life experiences drawn from all walks of life. The title is loosely translated to “We have broken chains”. In an interview with the Voice News, Pachoto Band’s Artistic Director Rumbidzai Tapfuma, said they live in the community therefore they possess an obligation to bring women and young girls obstacles to the fora with a view to influence communities especially churches to address and change perceptions sorrounding their violations without being judgemental.

‘We just realised that we live in communities where we see and experiences so many violations and these things even go unnoticed even in churches so that’s how the album was created. We hope to influence churches to formulate policies that protect us from violators and ultimately mold men and women who are conscious of each’s other’s rights and instill values that work interchangeably,” said Tapfuma.

Some of the tracks include Zvandikona where they chronicle the life of a woman who experience physical abuse but the community is failing to intervene, Uenzenjani, and Hupenyu.

Katswe Sisterhood’s creates safe Spaces for Comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. They have been working to increase young women’s and adolescent girls’ knowledge about their bodies.

Driven by fierce commitment Katswe places the politics of women’s bodies at the heart of organising. Transcending differences and working with marginalised women, Katswe uses the transformative power of safe spaces to challenge taboo issues and build a sisterhood to liberate all women.

Katswe’s ambition is to be seen as a home, a secret garden and a safe haven for women where sisterhood is valued and celebrated. Katswe also aspires to be an organisation that fearlessly carves out safe spaces for women and links women’s issues to build strong and vibrant movements.

They do so through SASA! Faith, a guide to preventing violence against women and HIV in faith based communities and was co-created by Trócaire and Raising Voices. It is an initiative in which leaders, members and believers of a religion come together to prevent violence against women and HIV.

The SASA! Project is helping to alleviate poverty faced by young women and girls and creates measures that seek to prevent and end Gender-Based Violence (GBV) including Child Marriage.