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Jah Prayzah, KVG in phony endorsement deal?

Jah Prayzah and Augur Investments COO Tatiana Aleshina

By Nyasha Mutena

Superstar Jah Prayzah and Star FM ‘s disc Jockey, KVG have signed an endorsement deal with Pomona City to market the company’s residential stands.

The deal signed between Ken Sharpe’s Company Pomona City and the two shall witness Jah Prayzah and KVG advertising the stands at Stand number 654 Pomona Township.

However, according to documents seen by this publication, the deal could be an avenue to swindle the public of their hard earned cash as the former are not yet in possession of the original title deeds.

The documents, written on the 7th of July 2019 by T. A Chiurayi of Coghlan, Welsh and Guest, which was Cc’ed to Messrs Mutumbwa Mugabe and Partners (SIM/br and Chinawa Law chambers (DC/mtk) and was addressed to the Minister of Local government, public works and national housing, said:

“Reference is made to your letter dated 5 July 2019. Please be advised that Augur Investments OU ‘(Augur)’ and Fairclot Investments (Private) Limited trading as T &C construction ‘(T&C)’ signed an agreement on the 25th of March 2013 wherein we were appointed as escrow agents with the duty to hold the title deeds in issue in trust. We are therefore unable to release the title deeds without the consent of both Augur and T &C. Please find the attached letter from T&C’s lawyer objecting the release of the title deeds to you.

“That noted; we regret to advise that we are unable to comply with the request contained in your letter dated the 5th instant,” reads the document.

Recently Fairclot Investments erected a billboard in Borrowdale cautioning unsuspecting purchasers from buying stands at Stand 654 Pomona which read;

“Cautionary statement to the members of the public. Pomona city. Land subject to litigation. Title deeds for land has been placed as security, case number, HC4599/19, HC5989/19, HC10315. Purchase of stands is at risk of Purchaser.”

However, Pomona City representatives proceeded to report the matter to police citing that the billboard was likely to cause discomfort to purchasers.

Meanwhile, it is Russell’s argument that if the complainants are in possession of the original title deeds, they acquired them under fraudulent means.

Pomona City and Fairclot Investments are embroiled in an 8 year civil case and awaiting judgment.