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Ken Sharpe’s alleged US$205 million land heist sucks in Harare lawyer Douglas Chinawa

Business magnate, Kenneth Raydone Sharpe

By Nyasha Mutena

High Court Sheriff, Mcduff Madega nominated Harare lawyer, Douglas Chinawa to transfer land to Sharpe’s Doorex Properties knowing that the piece of land was subject of litigation, the Magistrates Court has learnt.

This was revealed by Harare legislator Norman Markham in his challenge to the transfer of 654 Pomona Township to Sharpe as payment for the unfinished construction of Airport Road. He argues that Sharpe did not fulfil the terms of the agreement.

According to documents seen by this publication, Madega’s declaration to the High Court states;

“I Mcduff Madega, in my capacity as the Sheriff for Zimbabwe acting in terms of an order of the High Court of Zimbabwe, at Harare passed under case No HC4528/19 on 3rd June 2019 for THE PRESIDENT OF ZIMBABWE do hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint Douglas Chinawa or Takunda Emmanuel Gumbo or Anna Mapanzure or Blessed Ngwenya or Effort Nkazimulo Dube, with power of substitution to be my lawful Attorney or Agent in my name, place and stead, to appear before the Registrar of Deeds at Harare and then and there, as my act and deed to make transfer to DOOREX PROPERTIES LIMITED of certain 273,2923 hectares of land called Stand 654 Pomona Township situate in the District of Salisbury, held under Deed of Grant No 2884/2010 dated 1st July 2010: subject to conditions mentioned or referred to in the said Deed”.

Challenging Markham, Doorex Chief Operating Officer, Tatiana Aleshina made claims that they have since subdivided Stand 654 Pomona and have already begun the sale of stands allegedly using a photocopied title deed.

Markham said if they have already started subdividing and selling the stands he would know;

“I am not aware that those stands have been sold. Furthermore, the Respondents themselves disclose the purchasers. I can confirm that I have carried out a Deeds Office search and there has been no transfer of any land from Stand 654 Pomona Township.

He mentioned that selling stands off this piece of land is extremely unwise considering that the respondents are embroiled in another legal battle with Fairclot Investments.

Reportedly, Fairclot Investments is the company which was subcontracted by Ken Sharpe to construct Harare airport road. It built 2,7km of the Airport road, which is the reason why Sharpe received vast tracts of land as payment for this project. Fairclot Investments is yet to receive payment for the job done.