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Econet Wireless revamps YoMix mobile app


By Nyasha Mutena

Mobile network operator, Econet Wireless has re-launched the YoMix mobile application (app). It has extended its use to the rest of the company’s 11 million prepaid customers, and adding a wide range of digital value and customer experience services.

Through an official communique, Econet Wireless said the app, which allows customers to create their own preferred bundles of voice, data, SMS and other products and services, is-zero rated, meaning that after downloading the app, customers will be able to use it for free.

Previously, it was available to Econet’s Elevate (youth and lifestyle-based) segment only but the new, all-encompassing app, will now be available to the mobile operator’s entire prepaid customer base.

“The revamped app will be available to more than 11 million customers, and we are excited that it will offer them the convenience of creating product bundles of their own choice, and therefore truly put the power in their hands.

“YoMix will help us deliver valuable digital products and services right into the customer’s hands, along with the control and capability for them to decide which product packages they want, and to customize the specific bundles they want to purchase,” said Econet Wireless.

Moreover, the mobile network operator said the revamped app offers several digital products and services, in line with the company’s digital transformation roadmap.

“Through this app, customers will also now enjoy the convenience of retrieving over-scratched airtime vouchers and purchasing product bundles for friends and family, using the YoMix app,” the company added.

The new app, which comes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, will increase the number of digital channels that Econet customers can use to safely access products and services on the mobile operators’ ever growing digital platforms.

“The new app will no doubt have an immediate impact on our customers’ lives on their health and safety by providing them yet another digital channel that allows them to access their favourite products remotely, and enables them to work from anywhere,” the company also said.

The YoMix app, with its security features which include a customisable password that customers can change anytime is available on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store.

The app is also compatible with Econet’s popular and recently launched 4G MiFi ‘Kambudzi’ phone.