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Prophet donates piped water scheme

Water is life. Kaseke village dwellers celebrate their piped water scheme

By Nyasha Mutena

As the water crisis hit the country hard, preventable health risks, poor sanitation and hygiene posed a huge threat to underprivileged rural dwellers.

Gogo Martha Murombwa (78) from Kaseke village under Mhondoro district was no exception.

The only borehole upon which this community relied heavily upon required further drilling and repair. However, with the right amount of energy and strong-will, Gogo Murombwa was guaranteed of fetching half an empty 20 litre container.

Witnessing the water situation, Prophet Andrew Magorimbo resolved to give back to the community that raised him through constructing a solar powered piped water scheme and drilling the borehole further. He also installed taps for every household.

In an interview, Gogo Murombwa said;

“There was no more water in the village now, as the only borehole we have was nolonger functioning properly. We were on the verge of drinking dirty muddy water from open sources”.

“Baba Magorimbo has filled us with joy, we are forever grateful for his kind gesture,” said Rudo Gacha, beaming with happiness.

Prophet Magorimbo said there was an urgent need to ease pressure especially on women who bear the brunt of fetching water everyday.

“I was very hurt when I saw Gogo Murombwa battling to fill a single bucket that’s when I decided to act. Women have played a central role as stewards of water, they are the collectors, users and managers of water in the household,” he said.

Prophet Magorimbo joins the increasing number of philanthropists who have complimented government’s efforts to establish sustainable development and improve livelihoods.