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NDS-1 has a cross cutting thread for disability inclusion and re-engagement says President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa poses for a photo with People With Disabilities

By Nyasha Mutena

….as he Launched National Disability Policy and Labour Migration Policy

By Nyasha Mutena

President Mnangagwa has said the journey towards the attainment of Vision 2030 of an empowered and prosperous upper middle income society entails that no one and no place be left behind.
ZANU PF First Secretary and President today launched the joint National Disability Policy and The National Labour Migration Policy in the capital.
In giving his keynote address, the Head of State and Government President Emmerson Mnangagwa said his administration is committed to ensure that disability is mainstreamed in programmes, projects and institutions of Government as outlined in section 22 of the constitution.
He emphasised that the National Development Strategy 1 has a cross cutting thread for disability inclusion and acknowledges the significance of Diaspora engagement, among other initiatives.
His Excellency articulated that the two polices augment the already existing pieces of legislation dealing with persons with disabilities and labour migration issues.
“In line with the promise made in 2018, of my administration’s determination to develop robust and responsive policies that meet the expectations of persons with disabilities, today we are launching the national Disability Policy.
“As we do, it is incumbent on all of us to shift from perceiving persons with disabilities as “objects” of charity, medical treatment and social protection and instead view persons with disabilities as being capable of productively participating in the building of our great country, like all citizens.
“The reality is that no one plans to be born with disability or acquire a disability, hence everyone has an equal chance of becoming a person with disability at any time.
“Guided by the values of Ubuntu/Hunhu and the legislative obligations, both state and non-state actors have the collective obligation to do all which is possible for the fulfilment of the aspirations of this sector,” said President Mnangagwa.
He also outlined key milestones that have been ushered in by the Second Republic in advancing the inclusion and the plight of persons with disabilities. These include the establishment of the Special Advisor on disabilities issues Unit within the Office of the President and the Department of Disabled Persons affairs in compliance with section 3 of the Disabled Act.
President Mnangagwa also said in line with provisions of the Disabled Act and the Labour Act, the Government also approved the Policy on the Equalisation of Employment Opportunities for Persons with disabilities in employment and deployment Procedures.
He also urged all sectors to work harder towards ensuring the inclusion of persons with disabilities in every facet of life and across all sectors of the economy.
Turning to the Migration Policy, President Mnangagwa has said under his administration the Zimbabwean Diaspora and migrant workers stand invited and welcome to play their part towards development and growth.
“Under my administration Zimbabwean Diaspora and migrant workers stand invited and welcome to play their part towards development and growth and prosperity of our motherland.
The President also mentioned that “I call upon the diaspora and returning citizens to take advantage of the broad-based empowerment policies and investment prospects in agriculture, mining, health and ICTs among other sectors,”