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Young climate activists to launch #AllForClimateAction campaign

#AllForClimateAction campaign Co-founder Natalie Gwatirisa

By Nyasha Mutena

A group of young climate activists will on the 6th and 7th of May 2021 virtually launch a climate change awareness campaign called #AllForClimateAction.

In an interview with the Voice News, #AllForClimateAction campaign Co-founder and Climate Activist, Natalie Gwatirisa said they aim to increase awareness of some practices that the general public can adopt at household and community level to prevent or lessen the impact of climate change on the environment.

“#AllForClimateAction is a campaign that aims to increase more awareness on climate change and increase climate literacy and action here in Africa regardless Of gender, color or age. So far we have managed to partner with more than 20 organizations locally and within the region and still working on how we can engage with more people. We have invited quite a lot of climate activists from Africa e.g Tanzania, Malawi to hear their experiences and how they have managed to deal with climate change. It is going to be an online launch due to Covid-19 restrictions,” said Natalie.

In addition, Natalie said the campaign seeks to encourage the general public to take actions to prevent or lessen the impact of climate change. After the Covid-19 lockdown, She also said they will hold public awareness exercises including road shows.