Local Governance

Election Resource Centre launches #RegisterToVoteZW Campaign


By Nyasha Mutena

A few weeks since the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) lifted the suspension on
electoral activities, the Election Resource Centre (ERC), an election based organization launched a #RegisterToVoteZW campaign which followed their successful “Pledge To
Register” campaign.

Since the 12th of April, the ERC campaign has been assisting willing participants to go through the registration process dedicated to ensuring the participation of young people in electoral processes.

The #RegisterToVoteZW campaign, is a campaign
aimed at increasing the number of registered voters by assisting citizens through the registration process. The ERC will take citizens who contact their toll free number, to and from registration centres. They will also educate citizens about their electoral rights and the outstanding electoral reforms.

Through an official statement, ERC Legal and Advocacy Officer, Takunda Tsunga had this to say;

“It is our collective responsibility to provide young people with the platforms they need and deserve to actively participate in our democracy.

“The ERC is thrilled to be working on the #RegisterToVoteZW campaign, because that’s exactly what it does. With the support of Student and Community Based Organisations we are meeting citizens and students where they are and will ultimately engage citizens in targeting the by-election cycle and beyond.

“The #PledgeToVoteZW and the #RegisterToVoteZW campaigns are just the beginning as we work to create a movement of directly engaging citizens especially youth and women in electoral processes”.

The #RegisterToVoteZW campaign includes lessons that cover the subjects of voting rights, how local elections relate to issues impacting their community, and the importance of civic participation.

“Our hope is that the #RegisterToVoteZW campaign will supplement existing citizens’ efforts, and provide platforms for citizens specifically youths and women to channel their democratic passion by registering to vote,” said Tsunga.