NGO launches first rehabilitation and youth centre in Chitungwiza


By Nyasha Mutena

Local organization, the Safe Haven Trust has launched a youth centre in Chitungwiza for rehabilitation and vocational skills training purposes.

This development comes at a time when a huge number of young people engage in drug use citing unemployment and financial challenges. Safe Haven is very vocal on social media platforms especially WhatsApp. They lead campaigns such as mental wellness, addressing the drug use menace among other crucial topics.

In an official communique, Safe Haven Trust co-founder, Coach Edson Mudyiwa said;

“With the number of substances and drug use cases being on the rise, Safe Haven Trust made it its mandate to proffer a solution that can help curb the drug abuse problem that is being faced by many communities in Zimbabwe.

“With that being said, Safe Haven Trust managed to acquire a youth centre in Chitungwiza for rehabilitation and vocational skills training purposes,” he said.

Situated approximately 30 kilometres south-east of the Harare city centre, the youth centre is not targeted for surrounding areas only but the whole nation at large. Their services transcend all barriers, as long as what one seeks is in relation to rehab and sustainable economic development.

“The youth centre does not only target sorrounding high density surbubs but seeks to be of help to many communities at large. The recently acquired youth centre will serve for rehabilitation purposes and also play a role in pushing sustainable economic development in communities through the youth by facilitating vocational skills training programs to equip the youth with the necessary skills to offer economic opportunities to them,” said Coach Edson.

The trust will officially launch the youth centre on the 28th of May 2021 in Chitungwiza to kick start its operations.

Coach Edson said Safe Haven Trust’s the youth centre, its flagship is just the beginning of a great and fruitful journey for the organization and the community at large

Established in January 2019, Safe Haven Trust seeks to put an end to substance and drug use through raising awareness and promoting youth empowerment initiatives. Despite being a non-profit organization, Safe Haven Trust has managed to conduct career fairs at schools and also host quite a number of awareness programs since lockdown restrictions were announced.

The Trust envisions an empowered generation through empowered communities and was established with a motive to promote, develop and empower the youth and communities to work as key drivers in sustainable development initiatives whilst promoting maximum participation in economic driven initiatives and seeking ways to eradicate substance and drug use.