Legal Matters

Pokugara Properties team appear in court for malicious destruction of property


By Nyasha Mutena

… warrant of arrest issued for Chawatama

Proprietors of Pokugara Properties, suspended Town clerk Hosiah Chisango and others have been hauled to the Harare Magistrates Court again for willfully destructing Georgios Katsimberis’ show house.

The team which comprises Ken Sharpe, Michael Van Blerk, Mandla Marlone Ndebele, Hosiah Chisango, Isiah Zvenyika Chawatama, Samuel Nyabezi and Lasten Taonezvi stand accused of malicious damage to property for wantonly destroying a show house constructed by Katsimberis in 2018.

Presiding over the matter yesterday 30 March 2021, Magistrate Mambanje placed them on remand out of custody for further trial. They will be back in court on the 26th of April 2021. He issued a warrant of arrest for Chawatama who was in absentia for defaulting court orders.

However, inspite of all the fracas, Ken Sharpe is reportedly still at large.

The State, represented by Prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga of the Special Anti-Corruption Unit in President’s Office alleges that the aforementioned accused persons destructed Katsimberis’show house willfully.

“In that on the date to the prosecutor unknown but during the period extending from July 2018 to October 2018 at Plot 9 of 21 on consolidated number 19559 of 19828 Harare Township Corner Teviotdale and Whitwell road, Borrowdale, Michael Van Blerk, Mandla Marlone Ndebele, City of Harare represented by suspended Town clerk Hosiah Chisango, Isiah Zvenyika Chawatama, Samuel Nyabezi, Lasten Taonezvi and Ken Sharpe, who is still at large, one or more of them, knowing that Georgios Katsimberis is entitled to own, possess or control any property or realizing that there was a real risk or possibility that another person may be so entitled, damaged or destroyed the property intending to cause such damage or destruction”.

Alternatively, Chisango, Chawatama, Nyabezi and Taonezvi face criminal abuse of office charges for falsely claiming that there were no approved plans. Katsimberis maintains that he holds evidence that proves otherwise.

Van Blerk, Ndebele and Sharpe are also in trouble for failing or refusing to disclose that the stand in question wasn’t built with approved plans and for failing to caution Katsimberis of the demolition before undertaking such a drastic measure.