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Time to display unflinching war time vibrancy, President E.D urges War veterans


…says the wing is a strategic Party structure

By Shadreck Gurenje

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the veterans of the liberations struggle is a strategic Party structure that is pivotal in the mobilisation matrix as the Party prepares for the 2023 elections.

Giving his keynote address to the 115th ordinary session of the Central Committe at the Party Headquarters, ZANU PF First Secretary and President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged the Veterans of the liberation struggle to display thier unflinching war time vibrancy and mobilisation acument towards the 2023 elections.

“Veterans of our liberation struggle, as a strategic Party structure are challenged to display their unflinching war time vibrancy and mobilisation acument as we prepare for the 2023 elections,”said President Mnangagwa.

He also urged the Youth and women leagues to play a complementary role in the mobIlisation matrix.

“In our political mobilisation matrix, our women and youth leagues must not be left behind. I commend the Youth league for thier recent successful mobilisation efforts. However, much more needs to be done by Youth league structures, at provincial, district, branch, cell and village levels to encourage their peers to join the Party and register as voters,” said President Mnangagwa.