President E.D urged Party leadership to support the masses


By Shadreck Gurenje

ZANU PF President and First Secretary Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa reminded the party leaders to raise political consciousness so that they can serve the people more effectively.

Addressing the first politburo of 2021, President Mnangagwa highlighted that the leadership should remain with the people, like fish in the water.

“We must remain with the people, like fish in water. This principle must guide the entire Party. The Party leadership must remain alert to the fact that the character and ethos of our Party is rooted on the principles of unity, peace, servant leadership and development.

“As leaders we must always act in the interest of the people of our country and strive for their development and prosperity,” said President Mnangagwa.

He implored the Party leadership to continue providing strategic leadership to the wings and structures of the Party to achieve a thunderous victory in 2023 as well as realise Vision 2030.

“Provinces and the District Coordinating Committee structures must now shepherd Party and Government programmes and activities by ensuring that all hands are on the plough.

“In view of the vast developments both at home and in the world around us, I call upon the Party’s economic and production related departments to escalate their active involvement in mobilising our Party members to both participants and beneficiaries of these programmes.

President Mnangagwa urged the three wings of the Party, the Women`s league, Veterans of the Liberation struggle and Youth league to move with speed to ensure the full participation in the national development agenda.

“The leagues must deliberately implement programmes that will attract more members from diverse ages, backgrounds and professions.

“The Youth league in particular is urged to implement a comprehensive and robust mobilisation plan to attract and keep more youths in the Party, with 2023 elections in mind.

“This must take into account the present reality with regards to the country`s demography and pertinent social-economic, technological and cultural opportunities,” said President Mnangagwa.