Citizens ignore anti-government utterances on social media

Ahead of the anti-sanctions day several western embassies led by the USA embassy  went on a frenzied  social media propaganda blitz in a bid to justify the illegal sanctions they imposed on Zimbabwe.
However, the embassies were in for a rude awakening as Zimbabweans roundly rejected assertions by the embassies that illegal sanctions are in place as a result of corruption and human rights violations.
In a clear demonstration that a significant number of  Zimbabweans now understood the impact of sanctions, they rejected the notions that the illegal sanctions are targeted at the governing elite.
When it became apparent to the local western embassies that their efforts had not found traction they roped in senior officials from their capitals in a bid to support their floundering propaganda.
Even attempts by the USA assistant Secretary of state for Africa Tibor Nagy to justify  the illegal  sanctions illicited  strong rebutalls from Zimbabweans.
Nagy’s attempt to use America’s humanitarin support to Zimbabwe as evidence of mismanagement by Government was immediately called out by several Zimbabweans who responded to his tweet.
One twitter user asked Nagy “If the US gvt is sincere on this point would you take me on an offer to engage and get online platforms like @UniswapProtocol @binance and others to remove geo-blocking on the whole of Zimbabwe which is purely on the basis of US sanctions law. I have raised this issue before”.
The UK minister responsible for Africa also attempted  to buttress the falsehoods peddled by the local UK embassy that sanctions were targeted at a few individuals responsible for corruption and human rights violations.
But again Zimbabweans saw through the falsehoods as one twitter user responded “It’s the Government of Zimbabwe’s job to ensure a brighter future for its citizens not yours. You ask the Government to fulfil certain conditions before lifting your “targeted sanctions”. Why don’t you deal with the targeted individuals and leave the Gvt to fulfill its mandate?”.
In a nutshell Zimbabweans across the political divide now fully appreciate that sanctions do not affect the elite but the average man.
Zimbabweans also realise imposition of sanctions had  nothing to do with corruption and human rights violations but everything to do with decision by the ZANU PF Government to redistribute land to the black majority.