Zimbabwe counts 7116 Covid-19 cases, 5373 recoveries, 208 deaths

139 new cases and 1 death were reported in the last 24 hours as cumulative cases surpass 7000, the Ministry of Health and Child Care has said. 7 day rolling average for new cases further went up to 100 from 81 recorded on 5 September.
The Seven-Day Rolling average or moving average is used to take care of fluctuations in sample processing due to weekends or backlogs due to other operational issues. It is a number of the last seven days’ cases which is calculated daily. Also, it is used to highlight a finer trend of the variable being reported and in this case, new Covid-19 cases in the country.
Through the daily Covid-19 highlights statement yesterday 6 September, the ministry revealed that the death was reported from Bulawayo province whilst all the 139 cases who tested positive are local cases. In addition, the 665 PCR tests done yesterday drove positivity rate to 20.9%. Cumulatively, Zimbabwe has recorded 7116 cases 5373 recoveries and 208 deaths as of 6 September 2020. The cumulative cases curve remains on an upward trend.
Further, Harare counted 124 cases from a backlog of samples over the last week.
“Harare reported 124 cases, these again are from a backlog of samples collected over the last week which are now being processed. 3 total new recoveries reported: National Recovery rate stands at 76% and Active cases got up to 1535 today,” read the statement.
Meanwhile, national case fatality rate stands at 2.9 % as at 06/9/20. Harare has the highest number of cases per capita followed by Bulawayo and Matabeleland South. Manicaland, Mash West, Bulawayo and Harare have case fatality ratios above the national average.
The ministry highlighted that according to the latest Covid-19 findings in Zimbabwe, more males were affected when compared to females and that most Covid-19 cases are in the 20 – 40 year age groups (57%). Also, there are more females affected as age rises. Additionally, most deaths are between 40 and 80 years of Age (68%) whilst more deaths from males were recorded as age rises.
The Covid-19 trends show that when compared to South Africa, Zimbabwe has been testing much less per capita but testing rates in Zimbabwe are increasing. The overall positivity has decreased to 6.1%. Also, South Africa has surpassed 635 000 cases. In the SADC region, SA has the highest cases and deaths per capita.