PSMAS, Cimas temporarily close as staff test positive for Covid-19

Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) has temporarily closed its  head office following 2 confirmed cases amongst its staff.

In a statement, PSMAS said that two back office staff members working at its Harare Head Office tested positive for Covid-19. The staff members are in isolation and recovering at home.
The Corporate said they have since roped in the Covid-19 Rapid Response Team to assist with contact tracing and appropriate interventions.
“We are in the process of ensuring that all staff members who are at potential risk of exposure are tested. 
“As part of the precautionary measures, PSMAS Head Office will be temporarily closed with immediate effect, to allow disinfection of the building. Communication will be made once all the protocols for resumption of operations are in place,” read the statement. 
This comes as another medical aid society corporate, Cimas also recorded Covid-19 within its workforce. All its Harare branches were reportedly deep cleaned and disinfected whilst the Cimas Highglen clinic is still temporarily closed due to a staff member who was exposed to Coronavirus.
“A member of our reception staff tested positive for Covid-19  on Thursday the 16 July 2020 following routine and random testing of our staff. 
“As a precautionary measure, all Cimas premises in Harare have been deep cleaned and disinfected. The Cimas High Glen Clinic, in a separate incident, has been closed temporarily following the exposure of a staff member to a confirmed case,” read the statement publicised by Cimas.
Also, Cimas said that contact  tracing and testing subsequently revealed that other members of staff had been exposed to the virus as they had been in the same work area with the staff member who had tested positive. The case was subsequently handed over to the Covid-19 Rapid Response Team and contact tracing began. 
While the source of the infections is unknown, common factors among those who tested positive is that they all shared transport and/or shared workstations, computers, or telephone handsets.
All those who tested positive are in quarantine after being referred to the Covid-19 Rapid Response Team and the Harare City Health Department and they will also be covered for treatment under the recently introduced Cimas Covid-19 cover. 
“We also proceeded to test staff in that facility as well as other staff who share transport with her and twenty one more have tested positive for the virus,” said Cimas.
Cimas expressed displeasure for those who do not wear their PPEs properly and those disregarding preventative and protective measures.
“At the time of writing the press statement, all the staff who tested positive are non-clinician. The lesson here is that while clinicians (nurses and doctors) are the ones who are most exposed as they have to be in close proximity with patients, we are encouraged that with the correct use of personal protective equipment we can reduce infections.
“We are however concerned that most of us, non-clinicians are doing a disservice to the fight against Covid-19 by for example not wearing masks properly and by not avoiding crowded public places when it is in our power to do so,” said Cimas.