First Lady rolls out empowerment programmes

FIRST Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa continues to roll out massive income generating empowerment projects. These will see the vulnerable receive a new lease on life and her recent endeavour is fish farming which will benefit the whole nation.
Amai Mnangagwa is also spearheading various initiatives for the women and youths across the country chief among them being to support the vulnerable in society through providing access to healthcare, social services, education and economic empowerment.
Addressing delegates at the ceremony to handover a fish pond she personally built at the ZANU PF headquarters grounds to empower women, First Lady Amai Mnangagwa who is also the environment patron said as the mother of the nation, her parental role goes beyond political lines.
 â€œAll women are special regardless of colour, race, and religion, and political affiliation, social or marital status. Let me reiterate that we need one another especially now, more than any other time,” she said.
Amai Mnangagwa also encouraged Zimbabweans to join fish farming saying it is a lucrative venture which can turn around the way of life for them.
“I therefore encourage you all to this lucrative venture of fish farming. I am however made aware of the prohibitive cost of fish feed and hereby plead with universities and other private entities to seriously look into research and formulating cost effective fish feed so that Zimbabwean citizens can profitably embark on fish farming for livelihoods and nutritional reasons.” Said Amai Mnangagwa.
She highlighted that in spite of the COVID-19  pandemic which has hit the country and the world, vision 2030 will be a success. She urged women and youths to take a leading role in national development initiatives.
“All the organisers of today’s event, I salute you for the compliance to COVID-19 regulations that I have seen starting from the entrance where there are sanitisation and temperature checking points right up to here where I am seeing everyone in their masks. 
“Let me assure you that through this compliance every time and wherever we are, we will survive this scourge and continue our journey towards vision 2030.  Coronavirus may delay us but definitely will not stop us from reaching our destination,” she encouraged.
The First Lady said the fish farming programme is meant to complement Government’s economic turn around agenda and pledged to continue playing a pivotal role in economic activities through various humanitarian programmes.
“Today we are going to witness the graduation of the first group of women and youths who completed their trainings and will be awarded certificates of achievement. The message of entrepreneurship including bee keeping, bakery, fish farming and horticulture are important in our lives. 
“Empowerment, food security and poverty eradication are our ultimate and common goals, let’s all work together to achieve this in our various provinces,” she added.
The First Lady urged women to be united and work together in unison for economic emancipation.
“I am sowing the seed of love for you to care for it so that it produces more seeds to be sown also amongst other women without any discrimination. 
“True love knows no boundaries and every woman deserves a chance to be loved and empowered. Let us all walk together,” she added.